Ahhh... Math and Measurement Some Tips for Teaching

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"Length, weight, capacity, and temperature. Measurement comes in many forms, and it can be a tricky topic for children to master, but an essential one. When children know how to measure, they know more about their world. As digital experiences become a part of everyday life, real-world skills like measurement ground us. "(Math's No Problem.com)


  • Start with using something concrete that children already understand. An example would be their hands or feet.
  • How longs are the table, couch, or anything else with their hands or feet? You can have them trace their hands or feet and cut them out to make this process easier if needed.
  • Then move to using simple objects and a ruler to measure straight lines, starting with inches and working towards smaller measurements.
  • For volume, cooking is a fun way to learn about measurements. Once children understand oz or ml you can show that different size containers hold the same about of liquid even though the containers are different shapes.  This can be a fun experiment, especially when the children get to pick the containers.
  • They are many other ways to teach measurement and lots of it depends on the age and understanding of your child these are just a few hints to get those creative juices flowing.  As someone who cares about children you can tell what they are ready to learn and the best way that they are able to learn.

One product we carry that is a fun way to teach to imperial and metric measurements is The Little Architect Set by Areaware.  A collection of building blocks inspired by an architect’s drafting kit.  The pieces are interchangeable and snap together with hidden magnets. Mix, match, measure, and build. This set is for the little architect in everyone. The kit includes a triangle, protractor, and ruler for teaching imperial and metric numbers.

Remember have fun as you teach.  Children learn through so many things and will be surprised at what they absorb just going through the day.  Many happy thoughts to you as you teach and play with your children.  If you have any questions please let us know and we will answer as quickly as possible.


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