green 21 inch by 21 inch silk scarf Waldorf play silk
21x21 inch green Waldorf play silk scarf
Imaginations Unbound LLC

21X21 inch 8mm Green Waldorf Play Silk Scarf

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Beautiful hand dyed 21"x21" green Waldorf play scarf is perfect for imaginative, open-ended play. At our home, one child used silks in her play scapes.  The silks became forest floors, oceans, mountains and more. Play silks provide a wonderful sensory experience with their softness and transparency. 

These scarves are made with 8mm silk and hand dyed. Each play silk may show some variation in the intensity of the color over the cloth. After dying the scarves are placed through the washing machine with a dye-free fragrance-free detergent to decrease the risk of the color transference.

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