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Deluxe Mixed Imagination Mahogany Wood Building Blocks

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Deluxe Imagination Mahogany Wood Building Blocks Set - Imaginations Unbound
Mahogany Imagination Wood Building Blocks Set Sizes - Imaginations Unbound

Building blocks are a time tested open-ended toy.  Increase your child's critical thinking, planning and math skills all in the context of play.  Learn about physics and fractions, so many things happen when blocks are a part of play.  From buildings to towers, to houses and baby beds blocks become so many things.  Give your children the gift of open-ended play that can grow throughout many stages of development.

This set of blocks includes:

30 4x2x1" rectangles

6 8"x2"x1" planks

12 2" cubes

6 12"x2"x1" planks

2 heavy duty canvas storage bags.

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